16 Life Hacks From Chefs That Will Simplify Your Life

3. Let’s say you’re making soup and you add too much salt. Obviously , he soup is ruined, right? Wrong! Just drop in a raw, peeled potato. It will absorb a good amount of the salt content.

Advice from chefsLivestrong

4. Here is some indispensable cooking advice: when baking, it is better to measure your dry ingredients by weight than volume. This is due to the fact that packing a dry ingredient like flour in a measuring cup can yield varying weights depending on how compressed it is.

Make cooking easierVicky Wasik

5. Steak is expensive, but the best cut of beef is not entirely necessary for a delicious steak dinner. Try something like a hanger steak or a tri-tip. With the right marinade and cooking process (fast and hot), you’ll end up with delicious meat (don’t forget to slice against the grain).

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