25 Unbelievable Things Found On Earth We Can’t Explain

21. The Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone

Lake_WinnipesaukeeSource: https://newengland.com/today/living/new-england-history/mystery-stone-of-lake-winnipesaukee/


The Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone was discovered in 1872 by construction workers hired by Seneca A. Ladd. An egg-shaped relic that looks Native American in origin, no one could really solve what it was or where it had come from. Many other egg-shaped relics like it have been found across the world, but this is the first found in North America. Of the most mysterious parts of it are the holes on the sides like someone bored them out with a power tool. While many theories exist, few of them really solve the mystery surrounding it.

20. The Tomb of China’s First Emperor

Tomb_of_Emperor_Qin_Shi_HuangSource: https://www.livescience.com/22454-ancient-chinese-tomb-terracotta-warriors.html


The Tomb of China’s First Emperor was first discovered in 1974 by farmers, and it became one of the largest discoveries in history. The famous terracotta army was excavated from the find and nearby is the tomb buried underneath a hill. But whatever is inside remains a mystery as archaeologists refuse to excavate the site. First, legally China won’t allow it due to science not being able to preserve the site well enough. But, also, it’s life-threatening. It’s said in historical documents the tomb has a river of mercury surrounding it and soil samples prove this to be true. To date, the site remains a prominent mystery that might not be solved for some time.

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