9 Things That Can Help You Lose Weight While Sleeping

We can all agree that exercising regularly is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy. But do we exercise daily? No. Do we sleep daily? Yes. So what could be a better way to lose weight than to do so while we sleep?

We introduces you to 9 amazing ways to actively lose weight more effectively while you sleep comfortably.


9. Drink a protein shake before going to sleep.

Drink a shake with about 30 grams of protein before heading to bed. Research has proven that it helps increase the number of calories the body burns while resting. Protein also aids in muscle repair, and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn at rest.


8. Eat small dinners.

Avoid eating large meals in the night and abstain from doing so just before sleeping. During deep sleep, our brain emits a growth hormone. If you eat late at night, the growth hormone stores the food in your system as fat instead of fuel.

7. Avoid alcohol.

Drinking alcohol close to bedtime will make your body metabolize the alcohol during your sleep, keeping you from achieving a state of REM, which is when the body burns the most calories. A glass of wine with dinner is OK, but remember to stop drinking alcohol three hours before you go to bed.

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