How I Decided to Sleep 4 Hours a Day to Have Time for Everything

Lately, I started sleeping 2–4 hours a day. I have enough sleep, I feel healthy, and my working productivity is at its highest. It seems unbelievable, but it really works. However, this system is not that easy to master.


I will reveal how I came to it and what I had to overcome to the readers of Briqht Side.


How did geniuses sleep?

Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali, and many other geniuses were said to sleep from one to 4 hours a day according to the system of polyphasic sleep.

In short, polyphasic sleep is cutting down the night sleep and adding a few 20- or 30-minute sleeping breaks during the day. As a result, we get a few extra days a week.

You can read more about it here.

The phase of fast sleep is about 20–30 minutes long. Our brain restores its resources and gets rid of stress.

Like the majority of people, I constantly feel the lack of time. It’s already been several months since I started thinking about going swimming. However, when I arrive home in the evening, I just lie down on the couch and watch YouTube videos. I’m often late for meetings, and I put off plans for tomorrow. I realized that I needed more time and decided to start practicing polyphasic sleep.

There are many models of such sleep. You can use standard (the most popular) techniques, geniustechniques, or you may choose to adapt these techniques to your own body just as I did. My schedule consisted of 4 hours of night sleep and 2 25-minute breaks (after lunch and after I came home from work in the evening). This is the calculator that I chose.

This is how my sleeping schedule looked: 4 hours at night and 2 25-minute breaks during the day.


I started immediately. In the evening, instead of going to bed at 22:30, I went to bed at 1:30 and slept until 5:30.

Day 1. The day was amazing. I had a lot of time to do all the work about the house and make a plan for the week. To stick to the schedule, I took earplugs and a sleeping mask with me to work. Immediately after lunch, I found a quiet place and fell asleep. I did the same upon arriving home from work. However, I couldn’t easily fall asleep in 25 minutes.

This is what my 25-minute sleeping break at work looks like.

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