How I Decided to Sleep 4 Hours a Day to Have Time for Everything

Day 2. Before I started my experiment, I spoke to those who successfully coped with this schedule. I was warned that, to form a habit, I’d have to endure the first 2 weeks in a “zombie mode.” I had experienced that feeling already on the second day. I felt very tired and was emotionally exhausted.

Day 3. The borders between my days practically vanished, and all my days turned into a single monotonous cycle. People in the streets appeared and disappeared. However, I learned to fall asleep for 25 minutes during my break, but I didn’t feel any better when I woke up.

In the evening, I couldn’t get rid of these thoughts: “Why do you need this? Go and sleep as much as you want and feel happy.” I made a lot of effort to overcome these thoughts and continue.

Day 4. The feeling of weightlessness became a norm for me. When someone was talking to me, I could just look “through” this person. I felt like I spent a lot of energy answering questions and keeping up a conversation. In the majority of cases, I was just sitting and staring at one spot.

This is how my face looked on the first and fourth day of the experiment: my skin became pale, and my eyes were constantly red.

Day 5. On the fifth day, the brain starts getting adjusted. When I closed my eyes during the break, I immediately fell asleep. I started waking up before the alarm went off and felt a little bit more energized.

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